Security router 3.2 based on OpenBSD 5.4

We’ve released version 3.2 (winter) of our security router, which is available for download or as an update. The reason for the 3.1-to-2 bump is the update from OpenBSD 5.3 to 5.4; signalling the fact that despite having few new features, it represents a major bump in under-the-hood changes, which results in a very large “binary diff” compared to minor version updates.

OpenBSD 5.4 was released only a few days ago, but because the code has been mostly frozen for several months, we’ve had plenty of time for testing. There are several reasons for why we closely track the OpenBSD and FreeBSD project’s progress and releases;

  • Our products benefit from advances in those projects, such as new features and improved hardware support.
  • Because we offer root login and modularity, our users appreciate the fact that the base system isn’t outdated.
  • Modernisation of our own code; utilising better and more efficient system APIs, following their style and conventions, and making our daemons and utilities fit into OpenBSD as good as possible.
  • Because we share all our patches, we can minimise our number of patches because they are continuously incorporated into OpenBSD.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new version!